ΕΣΠΑ 2021


Porto Palace Hotel Thessaloniki provides high-level hospitality by implementing all necessary safety measures as provided by law against Covid-19, thus ensuring, to the best extent possible, both the safety of its staff and guests.
Having included all applications of the relevant Operating Protocol to our already extremely high-level hygiene and operation standards and trained our staff accordingly, the hotel's premises are once again ready to welcome guests to its 72 renovated rooms.

More specifically, the personal hygiene measures and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) we have adopted include:

• Installment of disinfectant dispensers in all entrances/exits and communal areas of the premises
• Weekly employees self-testing
• Provision of adequate PPE to staff and controls to ensure the sufficiency of supplies
• Staggered arrival and departure of staff members
• Certified staff training on the correct use of PPE and supervision of its safe usage
• Certified staff training on how to respond to a suspect case of COVID-19, e.g. immediately notify the health official and management to prevent the spread of Covid-19, and proceed with its isolation
• Supervision of the staff's and external partners’ compliance with the appropriate personal hygiene practices in accordance with the applicable hotel policy
• Notification of the health official in case of a staff member’s illness or the emergence of suspicious symptoms or contact with a probable or confirmed case and removal from the workplace/staying at home
• Return to work only if the lab results are negative and after a period of 14 days from being in close contact with a confirmed Covid-19 case
• Supervision of arrivals and notification of third parties on how to avoid overcrowding, on social distancing and on how to use the PPE in the hotel's communal areas
• Recommendation to staff and guests to avoid using elevators
• Disposal of used PPE in closed waste bins
• Collaboration with a contracted doctor in case of a potential Covid-19 case
• No physical contact and adherence to two-metre distancing rule at least for all colleagues, guests or third parties in all hotel premises
• Maintaining a case book for Covid-19
• Continuous updating of staff and guests on any new regulations or guidelines regarding Covid-19
• Implementation of all necessary hygiene measures and social distancing from guests and their associates
• Screens informing guests on the hotel's policy and its prevention and response practices to potential cases
• Special equipment (medical kit) if a case arises, such as disposable gloves and masks, disinfectant, cleaning tissues, gowns, coveralls, laser thermometer
• Certified staff training in order to immediately identify guests’ symptoms and notify the health official
• Use of plexiglass at the reception desk
• Disinfectant dispenser for guests at the reception desk
• Regular disinfection of reception desk surfaces
• Appropriate reception area preparation, use of social distancing floor signs at arrival and waiting areas and proper notification of waiting guests in order to provide quick and safe customer service
• Online payment of accommodation expenses, electronic mailing of bills and receipts
• Disinfection of key-cards
• Extended interval between check-in & check-out. Check-out by 11:00 am and check-in from 15:00 pm in order to ensure more thorough cleaning and disinfection services
• Temporary suspension of Business Centre operation
• Upon request, it is possible to: a) Personally inform guests on the hotel’s policy and hygiene protocols, b) provide useful information on health services, state and private hospitals, referral hospitals for Covid-19 and local pharmacies, and c) provide Personal Protective Equipment

• Use of disposable masks, gloves and waterproof gowns by staff, as required by the regulations
• Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces, as required by the regulations
• Used equipment is disposed of in separate bags
• Thorough ventilation of rooms while disinfectants are being used
• Continuous and meticulous hygiene services in communal areas
• Thorough cleaning, disinfection and adequate ventilation of rooms between bookings
• Controlling the proper function of dishwashers and washing machines with regard to temperature and detergent dosage
• Regular control of sufficiency of staff PPE (gloves, masks, gowns, overshoes)
• Discrete monitoring and handling of symptomatic guests by the health official
• Non-regular cleaning of guests’ rooms, as required by the regulations
• Suspension of daily changing of bedding, towels and turn down service. Cleaning room services provided only upon the guests’ request by hanging the relevant sign on their door
• Thorough cleaning with a steam cleaner of the rooms’ and bathrooms' surfaces between stays and recommendation to guests to leave windows open when leaving the room
• Removal of decorative items (cushions, throws, etc.)
• Removal of communal reusable items and brochures
• Placing of disposable covers on TV remote controls
• Cleaning of fabric surfaces with a steam cleaner
• Notices informing guests on when and how the room has been cleaned
• Maintenance of specific rooms for any potential Covid-19 cases

• Products to be received by an appointed member of staff with the appropriate PPE (mask and gloves)
• Compliance of suppliers with the necessary safety measures
• Refusal of entry to kitchen area by non-staff members

• Adherence to established hand-hygiene measures, safe distancing from guests, colleagues or third parties and use of protective equipment
• Maximum number of people sitting at a table is set at 6, except for families with young children
• Implementation of safety distances between table

• Adequate ventilation of communal areas
• Antiseptic solutions available for dry hand disinfection
• Signs to avoid use of elevators
• Disinfectant dispensers at entrances and recommendation for use upon entry and exit
• Regular cleaning of elevators, focusing on frequently touched surfaces (handles, buttons)
• Signs to remind guests to follow social distancing guidelines
• Cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces
• Restrictions regarding crowding in restrooms
• Signs in restrooms on limiting transmission through aerosols
• Use of disposable masks, gloves, and waterproof gowns by the cleaning staff, as required by the regulations